“I love Trump.” Thus, spoke Kanye West last week. By uttering this stupid and insane comment, Uncle Kanye joins the ranks of the most famous sellout, the most self-hating black man of the 20th century: Clarence Thomas, a vile bootlicker, a shoeshine boy of the right wing.

Kanye recently put his face right in Trump’s big, flabby orange ass. This is the same Trump who extolled the virtues of Neo-Nazis and white supremacists, while also defending Confederate monuments as part of the South’s wonderful heritage. But no one should’ve been surprised. This five-foot three buffoon, Kanye, has repeatedly draped himself in a Confederate flag on stage, claiming this racist symbol of murder, lynching, and rape as his own, saying he redefined it. Kanye turned this hideous symbol of white supremacy into a a stage prop.

Kayne is worse than the Klan. If black people see a man in a white sheet or a man with a swastika, we get our back up. We know there is danger in front of us. What we don’t get our back up for is another brother. Oh, he won’t hurt me. He’s my brother. So, you turn your back and face the enemy. Well, what if the enemy is behind you, ready to stab you in the back? That’s Kanye, the snake in the grass behind you.

There’s always a dollar to be made if a black person in the public space is willing to throw our people under the bus. All these black right-wing suck-ups get paid and get paid well. This brings us to Kanye’s new political crush, Candace Owens. Who is she? Nobody. She’s done nothing of note twenty something years on the planet. No book. No teaching background. No advanced degree. Nothing. What is her talent? A pretty young black face willing to condemn black protest and black leaders. That’s it. If a black person with no talent wants to get on the front page, all she or he has to do is start condemning Black Lives Matter. Presto. You’re on Fox News.

Kanye said how much he loved what Candace was saying, that black people complain too much, too mired in history, too mired in things that happened before. Really? I wonder would Kanye or this stooge, Candace, have the temerity to say that to Jewish people who rightly exclaim, “Never again,” referencing the Holocaust 70 years ago. She wouldn’t open her mouth about a people who are always looking back and referencing the most horrible thing in their past. No, we are the only group that she is courageous enough to condemn for referencing our greatest pain. We’re low hanging fruit for right race pimps like her and Kanye.

For almost 400 years, America has waged a war on Black America, some of the worst of it after emancipation. Anyone with a high school education would. know this. Anyone with a modicum of intelligence would know this. And we complain too much? We don’t complain enough.

Kanye lives in a bubble with his equally insipid wife. In that bubble, everything is great. How dare he comment on the lives of ordinary black people who struggle daily for dignity. That has been our struggle for those 400 years, a quest for dignity. While it was once white oppression, the foot on our neck that kept us down, now there is a new element in our oppression: black sellouts, the lackeys of the right-wing establishment. Kanye needs to punished for selling out our race. #BoycottKanye. Money is his God. Hit him where it hurts.